We design and create intricate patios, sidewalks, retaining walls, fire pits, etc. to suit your needs. At Pleasant Valley Landscaping we are known for our wide array of services that we offer. If you are not completely sure what you would like done to your property, allow one of our experts to design and transform it into the property of your dreams.

Water features provide soothing sounds of rolling water to put anyone in a place of tranquility.  A water feature can add a pleasant viewing experience to anyone’s property.  We specialize in a natural design, using natural field stone and boulders.

Let Pleasant Valley Landscaping take the worry out of taking care of your lawn this landscaping season.We provide a professionally manicured lawn to all of our locations. Lawn Care: Mowing, String Trimming, Weeding, Edging of walkways & shrub beds, Litter removal while on site, & Blow off of hard surfaces

Fencing can be installed to a customer’s property for a variety of reasons ranging from privacy, safety, containment, etc. Single or double locked gates are available as well as hardware of your choice.  Pleasant Valley Landscaping can assist in designing and the installation of any type of fence that works best for your needs.

Commercial, Residential, and Estate Property management and maintenance ranging from daily services to seasonal services.                                          

Let’s admit, we live in Pennsylvania, and in winter it SNOWS. We provide all snow removal services 24/7.                                                                               

Pleasant Valley Landscaping can service large turf areas and fields with turf applications formulated specifically for your needs.